If you’re middle-aged like me with a need for a belly fat diet, have ever been pregnant, or sometimes indulge in too much junk food or one too many beers or Chilean wine , you probably have a spare tire you’d like to get rid of.

So what’s the best strategy for banishing belly fat? Is it as simple as adding certain foods to your diet, or doing particular exercises?

The easy way for a belly fat diet? Very simple! Guess what!!!!!!!! It’s calorie shifting. Not only does this dieting technique help you lose weight, but it also get rid of the fat stored in your body and especially in the belly.

This calorie shifting technique is considered to be the most powerful belly fat diet because it triggers a reflex in your body and causes it to burn metabolism and increase fat burning tremendously. This is also a natural reaction which means it is completely safe and anyone can use it.

This ia a unique diet, however many diet companies don`t promoted or don`t talk about for one reason. No money honey! because isn’t a product.

Most scientific evidence suggests that a calorie-controlled diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, beans, nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish, eggs, and poultry is the foundation for a diet that provides all the nutrients you need while helping to whittle your waistline

But most important will help the only and only heart you have, so you better do what ever is possible to get it going

By the way here is a link for some fantastic natural products for your lovely heart, recommended by a certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, specially if you are concerned about the reactions and aversion to some prescription drugs or some heart challenges and you want to spend a few more years in this planet so you can spend quality time with your grandchildren.

Getting old is a fascination thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The real secret to losing belly fat is to lose weight on a balanced, calorie-controlled diet and exercise at least an hour a day.

ImageHere you have it, try in a different ways you be the judge, but one thing is for sure your hearth will be delighted.